Locked Alone at Greenpoint Film Festival

August 7th, 2020
Summer Halloween, 10:30pm

Drive-in Movie Theater, The Lot


Reviews & Awards

The sense or dread, hopelessness, fear, isolation was brilliantly executed... 
Yung-Jen delivered an atmospherically creepy film that lingers with you after the credits roll. 

—— Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival

When you ask yourself if this would be a film you would watch at the cinema...
and the answer for all is yes, you know it's a great film. These days, that is rare.

—— Australia Independent Film Festival

Screening at Film Society of Lincoln center & Queens Museum
Yellow Fever Indie Film Festival 2019, United Kingdom
Best Thriller, Performance Award
Infierno en los Andes Fest Puno 2019, Peru 
Australia Independent Film Festival 2019, Australia
Best Feature Film

Horror Bowl Movie Awards 2019, India
Best Situational Horror Feature

Open Window International Film Challenge 2019, India
Best Thriller Feature
Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival 2020, Tokyo
Greenpoint Film Festival 2020, New York


Obtaining a new job offer, Catherine finally arrives New York and ends a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, Ethan. She moves in a luxury apartment in midtown Manhattan. However, she starts to feel a strange presence that harasses her sexually. Just the second day of arrival, the evil entity locks her in her own apartment. She is completely isolated and has to survive with limited resources. After she loses her freedom, she realizes how ignorant she was and didn’t be grateful for her life before. Will Catherine leave her apartment alive?



Director's Statement

LOCKED ALONE is a metaphorical story about isolation, alienation, and loneliness in a big city. 
The vision I had in this film shows some similarities of what happened in 2020. 
The frustration, distrust, and the minority issues during society lockdown now have existed for a long time, 
but we were too blind to see and face them.

I’m not afraid to confront the issues that make people uncomfortable, 
and I think that’s the true fear from the genre of horror movies, 
which should portray humanity and social issues.

This film is asking questions rather than answering them. 
It makes you think what society you are in right now? Is it safe? 
More importantly, how would you survive?

Key Cast and Crew


Still |  Lincoln Center & Queens Museum (NY) 18 |  Yellow Fever (UK) & Australia Indie Film Fest 19 |  Infierno en Los Andes Fest (Peru) 19 | 



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